Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Everything Happens for a Reason

Hi all!

Next week I'll have been out in Portland for three months, which means I'm almost done with my training! Wow! We get 2 new sisters in the VC this next Monday.

This week, we got two new investigators and two less actives! We have been teaching a wonderful Brazilian woman for a while now. She is a new member. Lots of things have been happening to her lately, like losing her job and going through a divorce. However, because of these things, she has had more time to become closer to God, to read scriptures, and to pray. Last week, she texted us that she was talking to a Brazilian family moving to Portland. It turns out, the parents are less-active LDS! They all came to our scripture class we have on Fridays, and then to church on Sunday! They are all going to take the lesson from us, and the two daughters want to get baptized! The family said they had no intention of coming back to church in America, but they believe there is a reason the first person they had contact with in Oregon was a member of our church! They are excited to make friends and be an eternal family.

Funny moments:
1: We asked the Brazilian teenagers what their favorite food here in America is, and they said BACON! ...haha. :)

2: While on exchanges, we visited this less-active in the ward, and she was fostering a dog who was pregnant. We talked a little about the puppies and when they would be born and stuff. A couple minutes passed and I asked "so is your dog a boy or a girl??"......she said "well I just told you she is having puppies so it must be a girl, right?".....I felt SO dumb. Haha. Missions are seriously the most awkward 18 months of your life, but we sure laugh a lot :)

We also got a Tiwi in our car this week! They are super annoying! If you don't know what that is, Google it :)

Also, my uncle showed up in the VC randomly this past week! He didn't even know I was there! We ended up going to lunch and he brought his co-worker, who is now going to go to a YSA ward and start taking the lessons hopefully! So cool! He owns a store in Beaverton!

On P-day today, we went to downtown Portland and got the famous Salt and Straw ice cream! I tried Elvis ice cream ( like a PB and J sandwich), sea salt ice cream with caramel ribbons, cinnamon snicker doodle, chocolate gooey brownie, and strawberry honey balsamic with cracked black pepper. The strawberry one was NASTY!! But I had to try a crazy one. Haha. I got the cinnamon snicker doodle one :) we also went to the site of twilight where Edward lives. It is crazy how they can make the surroundings of the house look so different!

Remember to pray for missionary experiences and keep working on those new goals you
have all set! I know that at we strive to share the gospel and are willing to open our mouths, God will put someone in our path who is willing to listen :) Everything happens for a reason, and God can work miracles, even with just a 5 minute gospel conversation!
-Sister Bergman

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  1. What a terrific posting!
    You are such a wonderful missionary and we are so proud of you. Your dedication and enthusiasm is so admirable. We love you.
    Hugs, Sister Gayla Holt (and Elder Holt)