Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's great to be a missionary!

Hi everyone!

WOW! So Much has happened since I entered the MTC! (Missionary Training Center). I was put in a trio with Sister Wilson and Sister Thomas. Sister Wilson is going to San Diego but Sister Thomas will stay with me. We are both going to Portland Temple Visitor center! We get up at 6 everyday, do personal study then companionship study, and then we go to class! We always break for lunch and dinner, but besides that we are always studying or in class until 9:30 pm! We also get to have an hour for exercise everyday which is definitely needed. Normally I have been playing volleyball in the gym so that has been fun! Though we sit in the same small classroom all day, the people  (my district) in the room have become my best friends! There are 4 elder and 4 Sisters now! Sister Triana joined us Saturday from another District. We get along great and have fun laughing, but also learning. We have been learning how to teach and how to study, and I am learning so much! We taught lessons to "acting" investigators at first, but now we are also teaching members and non-members! Currently we teach 3 lessons a day. We are currently teaching Fabiola, a woman with 2 kids and cancer, Melissa, a devout christian looking for more knowledge, and one member lesson a day. Sometimes I feel like I am trying to drink from a fire hydrant hose, trying to learn all this now information and trying to teach by the Spirit, but I know if I rely on the Lord he will provide!

I was asked to be the branch Music Coordinator so that will be fun. I miss music! I enjoy singing hymns every morning in class! 

However, I have a cool story to share! Me and Sister Thomas actually met an investigator in the hallway two days ago and taught her for 45 minutes. Her name is Hely, from Guatemala. She had LOTS of hard questions. but we tried to answer them and just show her we loved her. We set up an appointment to meet with her next Monday! To add to that, we ran into her husband today by accident. He told us he was from Guatemala, and we were like "we just met a woman named Hely from Guatemala two days ago!" He said "that's my wife!" So, we ran into this family twice by definitely showed me that the Lord really thinks he can reach out to them through Sister Thomas and I! We are definitely excited!

On Sunday we got to watch Elder Bednar's talk titled Character of Christ" that he spoke to the MTC about on Christmas a couple years ago. It has changed the way I think about my mission and I encourage all to watch it! 
On Tuesday, we attended a devotional by Carlos A. Godoy. It was also super awesome and uplifting. I was going to sing in the choir, but we had to meet with an investigator named Melissa, so we were not able to make the rehearsal. Maybe Next week! 

My address while at the MTC is posted on my blog! Please write me.
Talk to ya next Wednesday.

Sister Bergman

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