Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The rain is not the only thing to get used to!

Hello Everyone!
I hope I find you all doing well! I am definitely feeling better compared to when I last wrote.

My temple visitor Center training in the MTC went well. On Saturday we got to go to Temple Square again and work with the sisters there - answering questions, giving tours, and chatting with people on Though it was freezing outside, it was a great experience! Sunday there was a great devotional, given by Wendy W. Nelson. Sheri Dew, one of my favorite LDS speakers, was there too! Sister Nelson gave a wonderful talk. My favorite quote from it is:
"If you could gaze into heaven for FIVE minutes, all your struggles/worries would fall away."
"Someday, when you know who you really are, you will wish you used your time better" - Henry B. Eyring

Monday I woke up at 2 AM. We loaded a bus and headed to the train station at 4 AM,which we then rode to SLC for our plane! By the time I landed in Oregon, it felt like it was dinner time and it was still only morning! Needless to say, it was a CRAZY long day, but I'm now safe in Oregon.

Portland is definitely rainy, but I can see it is going to be SO breathtakingly beautiful in the summer! Even now though, all the colors are beautiful and all the grass is perfectly green everywhere.

My trainer's name is Sister Melgaard. Transfer day was SUPER long but good. We are whitewashing Beaverton, Oregon. Whitewashing means that both my companion and I are new to the area vs. having one companion new and the other having been there for a transfer or two. This is a new experience for me and my trainer, but we are facing it head-on! My companion is great.
She is always making plans and staying focused. She has just 12 weeks left in her mission. Exciting!

My mission President is President Ballard and our apartment is great! We have lots of space for us to study, a washer and dryer, and TWO bathrooms. Definitely a blessing.

Thursday I get an ipad to use - very awesome! And I will be posting inspirational things on facebook each week - so keep an eye out for them!

Next week, the missionary, Elder Tuttle, from the movie Saratov's approach is coming - the one who survived being held hostage! So that will be really cool to listen to.

Well that's all the time I have! I look forward to a busy, but interesting week ahead!

Pray everyday to the Lord! I promise he will answer your prayers and help comfort you and bring you direction in your life. I know this to be true!

I hope to hear from you all!
I will send out pictures next week! :)

Love, Sister Bergman

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