Monday, November 17, 2014

Top Two Questions

Phew. This week was a rollercoaster!

The top two questions I get when I introduce myself are:
1: "Oh your from where is your Southern accent??"  I always respond..."Well my parents are from Utah.."  I think I am just going to start faking one 

2: "Oh your a music major, do you play piano?
What do you play?
What's that?
Well....a mini tuba.. lol
Maybe I should get a recorder and answer all these basic questions, and then I can just replay it when I meet new people...:)

Beaverton is so diverse! It is cool to meet people here from all over the world. We met so many new people in church today, and they are all so nice and supportive of us. 

A little story about the "diversity" in Beaverton, Oregon:

On Sunday, a wonderful family  in the ward brought us dinner. I had told her at church that I liked "normal" food, so I hoped I would like dinner. I am a picky person and due to the diversity of this area, dinner is always a surprise! There are people from Tonga, the Philippines, Cambodia, Columbia, Brazil....etc.) Sister Melgaard came up to me and said "Our dinner is here...but you aren't going to like it." I was like " oh no..." She said "well...Her husband served his mission in Africa... and they said they like to help the missionaries experience new food...I don't even know if I am going to eat it..." My stomach dropped...I worriedly asked "What is it??" She responded..."Cow tongue". I thought  "No way.. Your just messing with me..."
Turns out she was... (wipes sweat off forehead)
We ate Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner (rice, pineapple, and chicken with a yummy sweet sauce) Thank goodness.

Here is a cool story for the week. 
We have a couple "regulars" who come in the visitor center, but two guys in particular have been coming into the VC for a year or so now almost every week. They are both recent converts. One of them (we will call him Jim) was actually taught by a sister missionary from Georgia! Anyways, they are really goofy people and like to joke around, but they have great spirits and love the gospel. They have had hard lives, but they gospel has brought them a lot of happiness and joy. The director of the Visitor Center, has been trying to motivate/help set up "Jim" to go to college.  This week he came into the VC and told Elder Morgan that he was  NOT going to go to college. He was devastated, but then "Jim" said "Actually, I have decided to go on a mission instead!" :) We are SO excited for Jim. Everyone in the Visitor Center knows him and have seen him change his life around, so it is truly amazing he now is going to serve a mission himself. He hopes to serve somewhere close to a Visitor Center, because that is how he was introduced to the Church - through a Visitor Center. Miracles truly do happen here.

That is all I have time to write this week, but I am enjoying my mission and starting to get into the swing of things! I see sister Thomas, my MTC companion on a regular basis, which is GREAT, and am meeting so many great people. Oregon is a great place.

I love yall' and hope to hear from you!
Sister Bergman

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